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NOTICE: ANY item returned to us. without an associated RMA Number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) and original receipt will be REJECTED OUTRIGHT.


How Can Costumers Get A RMA Number From rctoyswholesale.com.?

----- Make sure the item is a factory defect and fits our RMA Policy.

----- Original receipt or other proof of purchase is needed.

----- Fill out a RMA Document with buyer’s information. (Table A-1)

Note: we  will issue a RMA Number only if the above conditions are met.


Important RMA Policy Information

A.    Factory Defect:

Factory defects apply only to malfunctioning products and missing parts, not due to operator error or usage damage. This means all factory defects or units (parts) must be returned in original purchased condition. This includes (but is not limited to): no visible damage, no tampering, no evidence of extended use, no shortage of any accessory, and resalable condition of the original packaging.

The Buyer assumes a 20% risk on factory defects based on units purchased. Factory defects apply only to malfunction and missing parts, NOT to operator error or usage damage.The buyer is also responsible for completing the RMA document (Table A-1, including the buyers information, receipt number, first-hand account...etc. and pictures or video if possible) and either bring in or send to us. by e-mail, mail, fax, or telephone. Based on the documentation and with a copy of original receipt, we. will issue a RMA Number to the buyer.

Note: If the returned item is not a factory defect, an inspection fee will be charged.

B.    Return Duration Restriction
we. accepts returns only within 7 days from the date of receipt by the buyer. All returns references requested after the 7-day limit will be rejected outright. All items sent to us. without a RMA Number or in excess of the 7 day limit will be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense. 

Note: we. only accepts return merchandise with a RMA Number and within 7 days from the date of receipt by the buyer.

C.     Shipping

Full inspection of the shipment from the delivery line (FedEx, UPS, Freight, etc.) is the soleresponsibility of the buyer. This includes ensuring there is no visible damage or missing units. In the event there are damaged or missing units, the buyer must create a notation and file a comprehensive report (including specific damages, missing units, date, tracking number, driver’s name, delivery truck license plate, photo or video if possible) with the delivery line. we are  not liable for the buyer’s shipment once it has been transferred to a third party carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, Freight, etc.) and it is the property of the buyer once payment is rendered. 

Note: Do not sign off on the delivery receipt if there are damaged or missing units.

D.    Charging

The shipment fee for all return merchandise sent to us. will be charged to the buyer. If the return merchandise is not a factory defect, an inspection fee will be charged and the buyer is responsible for the shipment expenses to send it back. Should the buyer wish to fix the factory defect (if repairable), an extra labor fee will be charged.

All factory defects and malfunctioning units (parts) must be sent back to us. for follow-up service. The buyer will not receive any credit, exchange of parts, or other services if that defective unit is not sent back. There will be no credit back for operator error or damage as well. Any previously opened and used merchandise shall not qualify for full credit back.

Note: The buyer must make sure the returned merchandise is truly defective otherwise there will be an extra inspection fee. If the buyer does not send back the factory defect or malfunctioning unit, it will be rejected outright for follow–up service and credit back.


Can Customers Obtain RMA Number on Damaged or Used Products for Repairing?

-----Yes, the same application and procedure as factory defect RMA; the buyer must fill out the RMA document prior to any follow-up service.

-----A fee for inspection, labor, and parts will be charged, and the buyer is fully responsible for the shipment expenses in both sending to ValorsInc. and back to the buyer.

-----It may require 30-90 business days to fix the returned product (if at all repairable). A 10 days Express Service option is possible (if the item is repairable) at customer’s request for an extra charge.

-----Product will be sent back to the buyer within 7 days after the product is repaired.

Note: If not a factory defect, there will be an inspection fee, labor fee, parts fee and shipment fee assessed.

What is important about damaged products sent in for repairs

A.    How long will it take for repairs

we shall not provide real time service under any circumstances, therefore the buyer does not need to wait for us. to check out the problem on the spot or fix it. The buyer must leave his returned unit and pick it up on another day. Remember that the buyer must fill out a RMA document and have the original receipt copy prior to the follow-up service.

we will conduct an internal investigation on the products in question, which will include contact with the manufacturer and the order of parts from overseas in the event they are needed. It should generally take 30-90 business days to fix RMA merchandise depending on the work-load and how long the parts need to be shipped from the original manufacturer. we. will contact the buyer during the investigation for questions, to notify the buyer of the results of the investigation, and the outcome as it relates to what further action will be taken.

Customers may also request 10-day Express Service at a 50% increase for both the inspection and labor fee. Express Service will take 10 business days or less, and customers will need to pay the air-mail shipment fee to order new parts from the original manufacturer (if it is required).

The buyer must pick up his/her fixed unit ASAP or all products will be shipped out to the buyer’s address on record 7 business days after they are repaired.  If the buyer will not take back his/her product in 7 days (or does not pay the shipment fee), ValorsInc. will charge a storage fee to the buyer, accumulated daily.The buyer is fully responsible for the shipment expenses both sending to us. and back to the buyer.

Note: It generally takes 30-90 days for regular repairing and 10 days (or less) for express service, and, due to our policy, there is no real- time service on the spot for any reason. Every repairable unit will be shipped out (or the buyer may opt to personally pick up the units) to the buyer’s address on record in 7 business days after it is repaired. The buyer must take the product back otherwise a daily extra storage fee will be assessed.

B.    What’s the price for repairing user damaged or factory defect

If the product is found to be a factory defect, we. will provide parts for repair (if repairable) or issue replacement unit. If the product is discontinued, out of stock or irreparable, we. will issue store credit but there will not be full credit back for any opened or used merchandise.

If the product is found not to be factory defect, an inspection fee, labor fee and parts fee will be applied to the buyer depending on their request.

The shipment fee of all return merchandise sent to us. is the responsibility of the buyer. If the return merchandise is not a factory defect, the buyer is responsible for the shipment expenses to send it back. 

Service priceing as below:


Table A-2 The Valour Inc. Service Price List





Unit: US dollars

Service item

Regular service fee

Express service

Helicopter size

Mini/ small



All size

Inspection fee

20% of purchased price

30% of purchase price

Labor fee




50% more than regular price

Parts fee

Depends on what parts are necessary

Shipment fee

All shipment fees are charged from the buyer

Storage fee

$1 /unit /day(Cumulative, Starting 7 days after repairs are completed)         


- If new parts are required from the manufacture, the buyer is responsible for the shipping fee of the parts to us. as well.

- The buyer must take back the product within 7 days after repair . will ship it out automatically. If it is not taken back after the due date, an extra storage fee will be assessed.

-  All prices shown above are on a single unit basis and accumulate for additional pieces.

- Overnight storage will be counted as 1 day storage.

Note: The buyer must fill out a RMA document and provide an original receipt (or copy of one) prior to the follow-up service. All products must be in complete and original condition (no shortage of any accessory, no visible damage, no tampering…etc.) and the buyer must fill out the RMA Document to clearly detail the units sent to us., their condition, and their problem.

Attachment: Customer Return / Repair RMA Document, Table A-1






Attachment: Customer Return/Repair RMA Document


Buyer’s name (print):  

RMA #:





Account Number:  

Invoice Number:


Table A-1 RMA Document

Item No.



Status Description

(Describethe condition and problem for this unit)
































- Customer needs to read our “Return and Repair Policy” clearly before he/she fills out this form.

- All factory defects and malfunctioning units (or parts) must be returned in complete and original condition to qualify for credit or exchange of new units (labor fee may be charged).

- The buyer must make sure the returned product was factory defect and not caused by operator error or usage damage, otherwise there will be an inspection fee assessed regardless of request to repair.

- Please write down each item separately. If there are multiple units for same item and with different problems, please write down separately.

- The buyer who wants to repair their product also follows this document.


Salesperson:                                         Date:

Shipping & Handling

we usually ship with in 48 hours after the payment is cleared.we accept paypal, checks, moneyorders, bank transfers and more.

if it is a truck load or bulk shipping ,then it is depending on the shipping company when they are able to pick the product up.how ever we will keep you updated on the shipping process.

How To Place An Order bulk or truck load.
please call 713 974 5465 to place an order. thanks


Our Guarantee

to satisfy and to take care of our products buyer in the best manner.however most of the rc toys are sold as-is.if there is a manufacturer defect than we will be happy to replace it  for you.if any product are damage while in shipping,than the custommer should contact the shipping company  for further assistance. or contact us. if the product is damage after use, we will try to repair it in the minimal cost to the buyer, if it can be repair.

Additional Support

Thank you for calling Rc toys Wholsale.com. We are temporarily experiencing a higher then usual call volume, if you can't get through via phone. Email the relevant department and your email will be answered in the order it was received. Thank you, for your patience and your continued patronage.


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